Praise fwr

I’m a big essential rubber fan an its always my first port of call however 1 was on the phone to them yesterday an mick was in the background having it out with his supplier( in another call ) about the lack of a tyre delivery , anyways i wanted a rear roadsmart to match up with my front as i already had a plug an slow puncture in my rear an picked up another puncture which see me ride from w1 to bromley with 10 psi yes i could have stopped an pumped it up but i enjoy a challenge…lol . I was squeezing more than every last metre and a few more out of my rear as have already 350 quid on the bike this month anyways mick couldnt sort me so i rang fwr who had the tyre i needed in stock turned up an rode out about 30 mins later all sorted obviously no 10% discount but thats down to my lack of forward planning :hehe:.