Praise FWR

Was in yesterday to get a set of BT023’s on the CBR.

Nice chaps, no frowny faces and didnt feel the chills I usually get when I leave someone with my bike.

Checked the bearings as requested, changed the rears and gave me a telling off for being a jet wash fanatic as they were as dry as a nuns chuff.

Not guilty! Just guess its from it being a ten year old bike and maybe too much muc-off being sprayed about.

First set of new tyres on this bike for me. Feels weird how its almost driving itself round corners now.

I will second that…have used FWR for a long time…tyres are well priced…and they offer servicing etc…ex racer bob collins runs the outfit, knows his stuff and is pretty helpfull if you have any questions :))

I was in there yesterday morning getting some new rubber fitted to some wheels & service was as always excellent as too was the price - £349 for a new set of Michelin pilot road 3s & a blingy new DID chain & sprockets.

Used them initially back when they were down in Balham, they offered me a beer whilst I was waiting for a set of inters to be fitted to my track wheels & I’ve been using them ever since, never been offered another beer though… :slight_smile:

Bob Collins was back in for the first time since he had a chunk of intestine removed, nice scar! :blink:

Another thanks for the FWR guys, turned up at 16.25 (they close at 16.30)

Was expecting a no and a frown, but got a nod and and ok, as it was only a rear loose wheel.


Have used FWR a lot, they have been good for tyres, fast turn around, always had in stock my size (apparently front fazer tyre is an odd size few have!)

Last time I was there, I had some wobble on front end checked out, rebalanced wheel etc. But, over next couple of days my speedo keeps cutting out. hmmm… Bit fishy. Went back, and it turns out that when they had removed my front wheel the speedo wosit had broken and the mech had glued it back together. Hmmm, news to me. Apparently these break all the time. I wasn’t really in the mood to create a huge fuss, so I settled on paying £15 for new speedo wosit and they fitted it for nowt. Dunno, I had held them in high esteem, but you know niggles like this do play on your mind, so my last tyre purchase was elsewhere.

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ps. Tyres fine. Almost broken air pressure sensor and scratched rim. 1st and last visit to FWR for me it was.

So they tried to fix something for free, it didn’t work, so they charged you for a new item and fitted it for free, but you’re not happy? Seems a bit harsh :unsure:

  • Bob - Did you go to FWR and challenge them about this? I’m very confident Bob and Chris would’ve taken it very seriously

I read it as ‘something broke, they bodged it, didn’t tell him about it and then the bodge failed, so they charged for the new part and fitted it for free.’ All fine apart from the ‘didn’t tell him about it’ part. That’s the dodgy bit.

I’m with bob on this one

Which is pretty much how I felt. It’s about managing expectations. I can understand, sometimes stuff breaks expectantly, fair enough. It just isn’t great if you spend the next couple of days after your visit, wondering ‘why has that stopped working, it was fine before’. Then, when you go back and query it politely, get told ‘yeah, it broke, we bodged it, please pay for new part’. What are you supposed to think?

Now, if on the first visit, they just come out and said, ‘really sorry mate, but your speedo thingy broke as we took the wheel off, would you like us to try and glue it back together or buy a replacement?’ I probably would have come away feeling much better, and if the bodge failed the following day, I probably would have just shrugged, gone ‘oh well, let’s go buy a new part then’.

Nah, I get that. I’d have liked to have been told too, but sometimes things go amiss