Went to FWR tyres in Kenington on Saturday. Needed a set of tyres fitted to my R1. They gave me a fantastic super duper deal!

BUT… Price isnt everything… The guys down there are so accommodating and pleasant…

Some times you go to these motorcycle workshops and you get some real know it all wallys working there who really get up your nose then slap you with whapping bill… AND act like they dont have a second to spare so dont waste their time…

Not the lads down at FWR.

Fantastic experience and I recommend them!!!

thanks guys!

What I like to read!!

I’ve been using FWR Tyres for years and they have always been good in my experience.


+1…always really nice. I’ve been using them for years as they are near my work.

A couple of weeks ago I took my bike there as I thought my brakes were feeling ‘funny’. They checked the brakes and took the bike for a test ride and said that it’s fine for now but that the brakes may need replacing in about 500 miles…didn’t charge me anything.

+1, good lads and good rates… :slight_smile:

Always good in FWR, I won’t go anywhere else.

Id just like to add to this chain

Got a new pair of Michelin Pilot Road 3’s from them on Friday. Not only was the price better than quoted elsewhere, but I was given customer service beyond the norm. They adjusted my clutch, corrected my chain tension and even lubed it, all part of the FWR treatment.
If you are in the market for a new pair of tyres, dont go anywhere else !


Yup, they do a great job. I like the word of caution, “new tyres, take it easy for a short while please!”

Good prices, good service and good communication too. I get my tyres from there and now won’t go elsewhere.

+1 top shop indeed :slight_smile:

They’re always busy but managed to bung a new roadsmart in mine within 20 minutes. Despite being in london, they were still cheaper than the tyre fitters down here in gloucestershire!

Another vote for Chris and the boys from me. And they’re ten minutes walk from work, result!!! :slight_smile:

This just answered my question. :slight_smile:
My tyres are shot i’ll give em a go.

Chris, Bob and co are top chaps and you’ll always get a great deal and service.


Looks like I know where I gonna go for my new tyres in next few weeks :smiley:

Do you have to book service in andvance there or just show up?