Praise - FWR ltd and Shame - Pole Position

Long story, but anyway here it is.

On Sunday when cleaning the chain, I’ve noticed that couple of links are getting stuck and as I had a long trip coming on Wednesday, decided to replace chain with sprockets. So on Monday morning started looking who could do that and agreed with Pole Position, that they’ll get the parts and fit them on Tuesday and guy will let me know once he orders the parts. On Tuesday I didn’t get any call so decided to check what’s going on and surprise surprise - parts were ordered, but courier delivered them to some other garage in the middle of UK, which means Pole Position can’t help me anymore.

Quick look up on google maps for garages in London and came across FWR of whom I’ve heard on this forum before (mixed reviews). Called them up, got the price instantly (cheaper than Pole Position) and was advised to come and join live queue if I want to get parts fitted today. After two hours I was riding my bike home with new chain and sprockets. Easy and simple.

I’m not sure what Pole Position got wrong there, but FWR have always been nicely flexible for when you need a thing done ASAP and don’t mind just riding down and hanging around until they can do it.

Not a Fan of Pole Position. went there a few months ago to get my headstock bearings done and they were really unhelpfull, texting and looking at the phone whilst i was at the counter so i didn’t bother taking the bike there as if they don’t pay attention to a customer what else don’t they pay attention too?