Praise: Frasers of Gloucester

I know they’re not exactly local but I use them all the time as that’s where I spend most weekends.
Always give me such great service. They know me, my bike (ditto all the regulars) and its like chatting to old friends when I walk in.
Had use of a new 636 today whilst my was in for a service!
Great value with real care towards their customers.
Even drove to London to collect my bike, in their van, when I dropped it last year and it needed some work doing. (Their charge for recovery barely covered the cost of the diesel)
Theyre not a “dealer”, theyre an independent and I cant praise them enough.

Couldn’t agree more. Been with them for years and never had any reason to complain whatsoever. They really care and go through great lengths to help. :slight_smile:

So there’s three of us here who spend weekends in the gloucestershire area? :smiley:

Yup, I live in (sometimes) sunny Gloucester. :wink:

Hey Serrisan. Yep, I’m up & down the A417 most weekends. We’re (me & Freebird) are off to Aberystwyth today. What do you ride? Will keep a look out for you.