Praise - Frank Thomas & Laguna

Had a Frank Thomas Ti textile all weather jacket for almost two years. Just before I went on holiday one of the seams down the inside of the left arm started falling apart. Didn’t have time to send it back before I went away but the thing was clearly u/s with a 5" gape in the arm! Took it back to Laguna in Maidstone who weren’t sure how this would play out as this jacket is no longer on the product range, said may get made an offer. Anyway, sent it back last Monday got a phonecall from Laguna today to say we have a ‘new’ jacket for you. So I take the bike down there seeing as how it’s a nice day and I’m not in the office: sure enough, brand spanking new identical jacket with no questions asked… and the lass in the shop says ‘Sorry for the wait!’

Fair to say, I am very happy with the service:cool:

Thank you Frank Thomas and thank you Laguna.

Good result that:) I do like Laguna, always very helpfull AND open on Sundays:cool: