Praise for the dudes of SOS rescue drivers and TWR Kenington

Rescue dudes SOS - Karl is a member here, but I was picked up by a large dude with a beard that drives a Norton, a Laverda and something else I can’t remember. Always there when you need em…and top stuff for whoever designed the Gothic script S.O.S on the vans, had me laughing (but I’m a bit weird like that). Nice one guys! Thanks for the rescue (again)!

And FWR in Kenington. 40 mins to replace the tyres and offered me advice and a good cheap option. Orignal problem was a punctured rear Pirelli Diablo (cost £166 for the tyre and fitting - just the rear mind). FWR did me £156.00 all in for new front and rear Dunlop Pilots. Now the connoiseurs might have views on which is the better deal and which is the better tyre, but I’m still learning and a good deal to try new tires is good by me, gives me a chance to experience lots of different stuff, so I can find my preferred tire and brand. Much obliged!

Definitely second the comments on SOS - hardened bikers the lot of them - get chatting and not only will they have rescued your arse from the bleak roadside, but will undoubtedly have taught you something you didn’t know about bikes into the bargain

You talking about Smokie! Top bloke. He’s usually down at ace with his SOS van bet you bump into him there if you go to ace.

It was Karl that came and got my bike after it was stolen and made sure it was delivered to the SRS Garages for the rebuild.

Quality Service and a Quality Bloke !