Praise for OMC and shame to Bill Bunn Motorcycles

2 vastly contrasting experiences with these businesses over the last couple of days. Firstly, Bill Bunn Motorcycles. I bought my CBR there less than 3 months ago, and have been back there a couple of times to get problems fixed that had not been identified when the bike was sold. The first one was a worn neutral switch which needed replacing (the day after purchase) and the second was to replace the seat lock, which was completely absent. In fairness, their service was initially good, polite, and fast, but I did worry that the service carried out on the bike prior to its sale probably wasn’t great if both of these issues had been missed.
Anyway, when attending the basic maintenance course at OMC on Tuesday (more on that in a bit), the guys diagnosed a knocking sound in the suspension as a very slack headrace bearing. They tightened it up, which revealed another problem - the steering was snatchy when moved lock-to-lock. Worn headrace bearing - really should have been caught in any service of the bike before it was sold. The knocking sound from the suspension has been there since I got the bike (less than 600 miles ago) and had been left undiagnosed until now. Matt also pointed out that the split link in my chain was unsuitable for a sporty 600. I called Bill Bunn’s yesterday, figuring they’d rush to apologise for missing this and offering to rectify the issues under warranty. No such luck, my warranty has apparently expired, “I have to understand that headrace bearings are a wearable item” and a rivet links are “only really needed for a bike over 900cc”. They quoted around £220-250 to fix the headrace bearing if required. Well f*ck you very much guys, I’ll take it to OMC and do it myself…

Fortunately, my experience with OMC was much, much better, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The basic maintenance course was pitched at a level that even a super noob like me (yeah, you see what I did there) could find it accessible, but there was enough covered in a couple of hours to make me feel confidence in being able to spot the kind of things that were wrong with my CBR. If only I’d known before buying! Should also point out that all of the OMC guys hung around for over an hour after the session ended (until nearly midnight) to help out with a couple of issues that had been identified with punters’ bikes (such as my own) during the course of the session. If you could use a brush-up on the basics of bike maintenance, or are an utter novice like myself, get yourself down there!

Sorry for the long post.

Thanks Supernoob for posting this up - it was really lucky they found the split link also and a PLUS ONE to all you said about the course. Despite the rather chilly ride home and the cold, it was a very useful evening and the ‘take home’ manual is something I’ll be using regulalrly. It’s also really inspired me to come back to OMC.

Just to add to your point as well - when Shiver borrowed my bike and took it to OMC a while back there was an issue with a new chain I had just had fitted that could have been dangerous if they had not spotted it - so agreed that for peace of mind the OMC folks are on your side and care about customer safety rather than making a fast buck.:slight_smile:

really long…

How much did you pay for the bike?

I really don’t know how Bill Bunns do so much business…

Haha, yeah I guess the post would have benefited from brevity.

It was £2k in early November.

You will only buy a second hand bike once without taking someone with you who knows what to check! lol

(ps thanks Matt - three times over!!! At least you hopefully wont have to go anywhere again…at least not for the foreseeable future :wink: )