Praise for - Ducati Proteam

Any of you guys and gals riding Italian bikes should consider Ducati Proteam for your servicing and maintenance.

They used to be in Wimbledon but couldn’t afford the rents and have moved to Strood in Kent - but don’t be put off, the great thing about them is they do FREE collection and delivery all over London. It’s a great service.

Alec has looked after my Ducatis since the mid '90s, there is nothing he doesn’t know about them and is a top bloke to deal with. Now his operation has moved out of the smoke he can charge much cheaper rates than any London dealer or indie.

The biggest danger is the endless time you will spend gabbing on about bikes :slight_smile:

Fully recommended

Ducati Proteam
6a Cuxton Road

01634 711 556

(I have no connection - apart from being a happy punter)

i’d noticed the sign whilst passing and thought it was in the wrong place tbh…strood is a sh*t hole lol ducati’s are most definatly exotic in that area :D…but if they provide a good service at reduced costs then fair play

They used to be in Wimbledon and are brilliant! Been in the game for years - love all bikes not just Ducatis. When they moved out they decided that they’d offer a collection service for London.

Worth a look up and don’t be put off by the location