Praise for BN Race Science

I popped into to see B today for him to have a fiddle with my knobs (Suspension) that is. I know how your dirty minds work :).

I had already had a fair bit of work done on my forks and rear shock by another suspension guy who has now moved back to a sunnier climate :cool: My loss, their gain.

I was having a few small issues with the setup I was running and need help/advice and steering in the right direction ;). The changes that B made where small but they made a great difference and I felt the improvement straight away :D.

No matter how old or new your bike is, have B set it up for you, your notice the difference and wonder why you’ve put up with riding it as it came.

P.S. The coffee’s not bad either.

Having my one done tomorrow. Looking for same results :smiley:

get a sticker or two;) i didnt get coffee :frowning: got my suspension set up tho! B’s a genius:)

Ratty46, I got two new shiny BN Science stickers placed on my bike by the master of the dark art himself :smiley:

Thanks a lot Barry, very kind words :slight_smile: Pop in for a coffee anytime. I’ll let you off now about the photo you posted up :wink:

Ratty46, sorry mate sometimes I forget, as I did D675 yesterday. I’ll post them to you but if you pop in I’ll stick them on while you’re having a coffee;)

No prob’s B, praise where praise is due

But if their was no coffee, well thats another matter :smiley:

I would just like to add to these praises for B and i have recommended him to friends as well…(all hail king B) :). Went to see him last week, took bike away, still needed some more “tweaking” (just wanted to go and see him again i think!) so i went back to him and Les yesterday…not only did he sort me out…(watch it !!)…Les fixed the sat nav holder properly and B fitted it after sorting out front suspension again…Right now, my bikes set up for me, feels great…along with the Michelins ive had fitted as well…(why didnt i get them before !! I know, shoulda listened to Afro !!) :wink:

Think ive found the ideal couple to take my bike problems to in B and Les…and then to M9 for any spray or little bits n bobs wanted done …!! brilliant…:smiley: Would never have known about them had i not been a part of LB :stuck_out_tongue:

B- mate you didnt forget! on large one on my frame, one for my lid, one on the front(under the 46;) ) and two either side of my front mudgaurd:D im a sticker tart!!:w00t:defo will pop in soon for that coffee tho!;):slight_smile:

yep got mine done 2day to, shame it was wet on way back couldn’t fully test it out but could tell the difference :smiley: cant wait too get it on track again now :w00t:

I had my one done the other day aswell.

B does his job very well. You can feel the difference straight away.
That was the best money spent on the bike so far

Praise for B!

yeah you seemed very pleased with the results when i see ya at the show!:smiley:

B is a genius! i still need a damper tho!!:w00t::w00t:

B worked his magic on my 675 too, front feels a lot less bouncy and am very much looking forward to testing it on track next week

I will certainly be back as/when I need stuff done to my bike

Thanks B :kiss:

Went to see hm yesterday to have my supension set up

and what a cracking job he has done

even tightened my chain for me lol

Mr B your a diamond geezer

Does B makes housecalls? Its a bit too far to commute.

I’d like to get my CB400A set up…

I was just about to start a thread thanking and recommending Brian, but it seems that this has become the official place to pay homage to the old racer!

I went to see Brian yesterday after reading how pleased people were with the tweaking he had done to their suspension. I had read about the workings of suspension and the physics made perfect sense, but I knew that transferring that into suspension settings that work for me on the road was going to be a nebulous game of trial and error. Being my first sportsbike I didn’t have a clue about where to start and was scared to touch anything for fear of cocking it all up. I couldn’t say what was wrong with the settings dialled in on my bike, or if there was anything wrong with them at all, becasue I didn’t know any different (my previous bike was a CBF500 with spongy non-adjustable suspension so I did know different; just a lot worse - maybe I should say “better” instead of “different”).

That’s where Brian comes into the picture. I wanted not just to know that my bike was set up properly, but to come away with some idea about how to play about with the settings for different situations, such as trackdays. Brian’s experience with bikes on the track and road means that he just “knows” what feels right and as well as playing about with the settings, he was more than happy to talk me through it and give me pointers on how to go about experimenting with the settings myself should I want to.

Although I only went for a short ride to test the new settings out, and despite the traffic meaning I couldn’t really push the bike enough on the bends to feel the improvement, it felt very different. After coming in from the ride I appreciated that everything Brian said he had done could be felt but it was only when I went for a proper ride later on that I realised just how much sense it made! The bike is a different animal and the £50 spent on this has made more difference to the ride than the money I spent on a custom fuel map (although I still advocate getting that done too!).

Thanks Brian. You’re tweaking has made me a lot more confident braking for turns and turning in, which has lead to me going in smoother and getting lower and going faster round the bends. The bike is now a lot more planted and a lot more fun (except when going over speed bumps!). No doubt I’ll hassle you again sometime, and it’d be great to have some instruction at Brands in the near future (but I understand there’s a long queue!).

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Thanks Tom for explaining in such detail your experiences of the new suspension set up:) good to hear you’re enjoying it and have learnt a little in the process:cool: and keep an eye on the trackday section, I’ll post up some dates soon;)

I’m lucky in many respects because the work I do physically changes the way a bike behaves and a rider will notice this regardless of their ability. So I have to get it right, the rewarding bit is the response and positive feedback I get on a regular basis from you all:cool:

Ginger, thanks mate! Glad you didn’t tell everyone I was struggling to put your bike on it’s centre stand. Saved me getting the Abba stand out.

Tinker, I could travel within reason and I’d be happy to set your bike up but there’s literally no suspension adjustments available on your bike that I know of for that model.

That’s cool Brian. Praise where it’s due mate. :wink:

I’m gutted I won’t be making the trackday on Tuesday (though it looks like it’s gonna be pretty cold and a little wet so maybe not too gutted!)

I’m looking at doing two days with FE/ MSV at Brands in May - July so I’ll look out for your post.

Also I forgot to jot down the tyre pressures you recommended for the CBR. Any chance you could post them up or PM them?


BUMP. Cheers B good job!

Thanks Vegas:) Good to see you!

Just to contribute to this thread, after reading alot about brian and les, all good things i may add.

I took the trip west to see brian to get him to work some magic on the 750, arrived around 11, greeted with a brew, and abit of a chat, which is always nice, settles your nerves, well mine anyway.

Brian explains where all his knowledge comes from, which in itself is worth the trip out, and sets to work,
So after tea, work, tea, chat , work, its a different machine. Turns so much quicker now, and feels so much more planted, even the rain on the way home didnt dampen my spirits! Knowing everything was as it should be helped my confidence no end.

I m amazed at the difference, certainly gonna allow me to progress my skills as a rider! What a bargain aswell, cheap at twice the price!

Les is a star aswell, always up for a chat, and the banter between the 2, will put a smile on your face!

Brian and les, both legends.