PRAISE - Focused Events

I’ve just lost my track day cherry on a 3 day Focused Events trip to Portimao.I’ve been riding just over a year so this challenging track was really in at the deep end.

The details were a bit light in the run up to the trip but the bike drop off, labelling, etc etc was spot on. The trip was superbly organised.

On arrival at the hotel there was a sheet of paper with details in each persons room. All the bikes/gear was unloaded for when we arrived early morning on the first day at the track.

I signed in and told them them I was a total newbie (as was my mate - only 800 riding miles ever!). After the briefing, we got allocated an instructor who really looked after us. “Harry Monk” as he’s know on various forums took us out, showed us the lines and we gradually up’ed the speed as confidence and knowledge grew. He spent a lot of time with us. We also had time with another instructor (Rick) who was very giving and helped massively.

The briefing was strict (6ft passing gap etc) and this was well observed. A lap around in a transit with James Whitham driving also helped :wink:

I was more than a tad nervous before getting there but Focused Events made it as good as it could be for us newbies. Plenty of sessions each morning to get you on it and then open pitlane in the afternoons so you could do as much or as little as your wanted.

Highly recommended! :cool:

p.s. I’ve better pics but since I’m praising them I thought I’d use this one :wink:

That sounds wicked!

May I ask how much it set you back?

Very very jealous!!

It was £699 for a 3* hotel inc breakfast, 3 days on track, instructors and the transportation of bikes and gear there and back.Add in the flights, hire car, fuel, food and beer and it’s not a cheap break but I’m still happy with the value of it.

They’re going there in May, which I think is sold out but then they’re also going in November.

I can’t recommend the Park Algar track enough and Focused Events ran this trip superbly. If you get a chance then go for it.[edit] At time of posting, there’s still space in May)

Sounds like you had the perfect experiance , Nice!!

I done 3 TDs with then and they were ace, I was planning on going abroad too but first booked Steve Platers tuition at Silverstone as I wanted a bit more confidence first. Unfortunatly he then injured himself and could be there so I still done the trackday but never went abroad. Now Ive sold my trackbike and another blade for my 750 2 years ago and a bit wary of taking my only road bike on the track abroad.

I know you can hire the bikes but I remember asking them and they won’t adjust the height for me though :frowning: I can’t even touch the floor on an R6! gsxr750 seats are very narrow.

Doing this in November for my 30th! :smiley: