Praise:- Flexi-Patch

I had some patches made up for a Fleece that i wear over my Leathers when its a bit Chilly so that they were “Bike Specific” and looked like they were meant to be worn as Biking Clothing.

I spoke to Warren Reeve @ and told him what i was after and gave him a picture of the Decal i had made up for my Bike that was very personal to myself and i said i wanted it integrated into the GSXR Logo, he went away and done some designs and came back with a fantastic Mock Up of what it would look like, and i also had some Sponsor style Logo’s made up just to give the fleece a more Corporate look. I ordered and paid for them and Warren said he would get them out to me ASAP.

Well, they arrived today and they are fantastic, i’ve applied them and they look like they were on the Fleece when i bought them. They are really easy to apply and take no time at all.

They don’t just work on Fleece’s they work On Leathers too so are a great way of Jazzing up your Kit.

If your in the market for this kind of thing then you won’t go far wrong giving Warren a shout.

pictures :ermm:

Useless without your photos!

Looks good on the video.

I’m crap at Pictures and the pictures don’t do it Justice, it looks so much better on.

Speaking about patches…

It would be great if we could buy on the site store LB patches for our leathers… I would personally wear it.

And you guys?

If The site Owner gives permission to use the Logo and supply a High-Res copy of it, then Warren @ FlexiPatch will make it up.

I’m sure if we order enough of them then i’m sure he would do a great price on them.