Praise: Fast Lane Motorcycles - Tonbridge

After having a less than wonderful customer experience with Dobles (from whom I bought the bike), I took my precious for her 2,500 mile service at Fast Lane, following a recommendation from ButtonMonkey of this very site.

First off, they didn’t charge me to dispose of the old oil (which Doble’s did).

Second, they found the cause of a problem I had asked Dobles to look at - it turns out that the bike came fitted with the wrong spark plug from new!

Change of oil, filter, clean up, lube, check over all the bits and pieces, fit new spark plug, labour - £64 all in.

very friendly service and I walked away with confidence that they had done what I needed them to do and I didn’t feel like I was being flannelled or ripped off - I’ll be taking my bike back there next time :smiley: