Praise: Essential Rubber

Had to get new boots for my GSX750F, and rang up Essential Rubber.

Knew what I wanted, although having a 150 rear tyre pushed up the price but the guys at Essential Rubber had a look around and the Micheln’s were only £25 more than the other brands.

Nipped down there at lunch time and they fitted both front and rear.

Nice guys, very helpful and good prices too! :smiley:

P.S. Also met another LB’er down there. AndyP I think he said his name was, also a nice chap!

yep also had a new tyre and chain and sprockets done yesterday, top job and good price as well

nice to meet another lb member there that ive not met before

I was there this morning. Tyre fitted straight away, price discounted due to this forum :smiley: and I made it to my desk in the City by 9:00am !!!

Top job … AGAIN !

I wish more businesses understood this really simple business model :

Keep the punters happy and they’ll keep coming back !

I was going to go there today but they don’t have the shoe I want so I got to wait till Jan 2nd or 3rd.

I’d rather wait that go elsewhere my tyre isn’t completely dead yet and I prob won’t do much riding over the next few days because of Christmas.

Went there today and finally got that tyre. Saw andyp69 there as well who true to his word didn’t turn up at the tea hut because of a bit of rain!

Efficient as usual. Woke up to a text saying my tyre was there and left a happy bunny with my Dunlop Roadsmart fitted for £112.50 (including the 10% LB discount).

Had a full service done there yesterday.

Awsome work, value for money and Mick actually makes it enjoyable handing over money. Best workshop on the east side, don’t bother going anywhere else!