PRAISE - Essential Rubber

Rolled my bike out of the alleyway ready to commute to work when I realised that the steering was incredibly heavy! Realised there was a nice M8 screw slap bang in the middle of the tread! Was going to try FWR but it’s a bit of a treck from Barnet so gave Essential Rubber a ring and they were helpful with the options. My rear’s got a good 3000 miles left in it so I didn’t fancy getting a new one since it had only been on since may. I think most other places would have wanted a new tyre! Allow paying £130 odd to get a roadsmart put on the back.

£20 quid later and after having a brief chat about what sports touring tyres he’d recommend, I was on my way… only 1 hour late for work! Bung’s a good un. Flickable handing restored.

Mind you, I saw bits and pieces of london I wouldn’t have normally seen, such as Stoke Newington!

ive always liked stoke newington

yeah, it’s been gentrified a LOT since I was young. (used to live in east london back in the early 90’s so going from Stratford to someplace like Hendon meant going through Hackney & Dalston and they where absolute dives then). But it’s nice to know that you don’t really have to go TOO far to get tyres for a reasonable price… or have some good blokes who’d give you cheap advice that’s very helpful.

yeah theyre a great bunch of guys, shame they’re moving to bow which is a fair bit out of my way…but i suppose the 10% discount should pay for the extra bit of petrol :smiley:

Bugger, do they do LB discounts?! Should have mentioned it but for £20 I weren’t too bothered since it was ridiculously cheap compared to what I thought i was expected to pay for a bung (£40+?)