Praise Essential Rubber

went in to get my mot done, all sorted but just needed a new front tyre and he pointed out my rear brake cylinder which had a screw missing where i sheared it off. they tried to get it out when something of theirs snapped in it and no way was it coming out, someone from george whites came round with a spare master cylinder from a hornet and they swapped it over for free. then they fixed my cooling fan. all for a measley £120 quid inc. £10 farting around time which was 2/3 hours!!!


Good to hear, I’m going tomorrow AM for MOT :slight_smile:

they are good lads, i also highly recommed them!

Agreed, totally, totally wonderful people. I want to have your children Michael!:w00t: Oh, by the way, I’ll be in early Saturday mornin with the car boot full of wheels to have my own tyres fitted please, on the cheap, preferably!:wink:

Managed to get there first customer this morning for my MOT. Failed due to my front brake light swich was knackered - tut tut. So after the ribbing for that. Mick fixed it for me and jobs a good’un.

Oh they are moving soon! To the blackwall tunnel approach in a few weeks time. Which is even better for me :slight_smile:

+1 for Essential Rubber.

I better get in quick. My MOT’s up soon and where they are at the moment’s fine as it’s not far from the office. Blackwall Tunnels a rubbish place (for me)!!!