Praise. Essential Rubber

:DWent there for the first time today. In and out with a new pilot road 2 on the back in half an hour, legends! Good deal too! Thanks guys

You worn those new tyres out all ready:w00t::):stuck_out_tongue:

yea, the back one! Bike’s got just over 25k miles on it now! Getting well used! You should see it though, its nice!:smiley:

So i hear! will have to catch up soon:)

just wondering how much u paid

i got my set from them last time but today i went to watling tires(much closer for me) i paid 145 for p.r. 2ct (190 rear) i think that pretty good :smiley:

£145 for the PAIR? That’s bloomin good! I paid about £130 just for the rear

or did “p.r.” mean Pilot Road?

I would think so:w00t:

if you can find a pair for that price i ll buy whole lot:D:D:D:D

just the rear mate (p.r. =pilot road) mine is 2ct

ah ok, yea i got a pilot 2ct from them for about £130, was happy with that

Like the o.p. I went to Essential for the first time this afternoon, seeing as they are only about a mile down the road from me. Excellent service and attention to detail, new front (Avon Roadrider 110/90v18) was under £75 fitted, and they’re a friendly bunch into the bargain. What’s not to like?

When I mentioned having got the previous tyre at FWR in Kennington, they spoke well of them too. Very civilised altogether, impressive.