Praise essential rubber

As ever cheers guys for sorting out ‘the flying sofa’ with a lovely new front 020. Great service and good price especialy with our ickle LB discount.

I went there for the first time today, friendly and quick service. Will defo go back when I need new tyres.

Was in there the same day your Pan had its new front fitted and had two new Avon Storms fitted to my 1050 Sprint ST.

ER are great people, and their product knowledge, service and price was very good indeed. Had to go back in on New Year’s Eve to fix a slow puncture on the front. They were open for business, diagnosed the problem as a faulty valve and replaced/fitted it free of charge.

Strongly recommend Essential Rubber and you get a discount for your LB membership.

whats this i read about LB discount, i live jsut down the road from them and 1 to many rolling burnouts i think in need of a new rear tire.

i lovce Mick and the guys at ER, they always help me out! so much so i dont even ask for a discount!:smiley:

praise to those at essentials, good quality tires as well as service once they noticed i wasnt a snotty nosed teenage hooligan and i was on here that was lol but yeah cheap as chips, good convo.

went in there today, got there just before 5, had my new chain and sprockets fitted…bike feels good again!!

again good service, and good guys…and mick may even have a set of blueflame pipes for Thumper2!!!:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::smiley: