(Praise) Essential Rubber

“Essential Rubber”

On phoning theses people and asking if I can get in and out without booking my bike in they say yes, they also said yes to me having the last pair of Corsa,s if I got there within the hour. I got there late and lost out on the Corsa,s but they then whip the bike in and fit “Vipers” instantly tell me that as I missed out on what I wanted they will knock £20 off.

The fitter put the bike on some sort of “rocker type” paddock stand that went in to the threads after unscreweing the crash bungs…doing this left the bungs on the floor and during fitting on got kicked and suffered a tiny scuff.

After fitting the tyres he then “without saying a word” throws the old set of bungs in the draw and fits me a brand new complete lower set free of charge !!!

Total Costs…£195 !!..

Yeah that sounds about right, they ain’t super men or anything, and these things happen,but I think it’s the true measure of a company, how they sort them out.

they do MOT’s as well.

Top people, top place.

Cheers Mark.

Cool and I hear good things about Vipers - Avon right?

And they used to run a free replacement if you get a puncture in the first few miles or mm of wear, so this may prove useful given your recent run of form.

Interesting company name

Thats right Andrew…Avons…and thats what they said to me with the paper work…a punture in so many miles or so many mils of tread and they will replace it…I thought they was having a laugh and trying to make me feel better on missing out on the corsa,s but thats exactly what they reckon they will do on production of the dated Invoice they gave me !!!..cool eh !!

1mm of tread wear or 1000 miles which ever is greater.

Standard on Avons.

Cheers Mark.

so does this mean a nice ride through france


It means a great ride through France Ginge…

not unless that joke has gone right over my head ?

I would definitely recommend Essential Rubber. I have used them exclusively for both puncture repairs and new tyres for the past 5 years and have always got excellent service and great prices. They have a large stock and I recently got Weavers GS500 MOT’d there too.

I have used them a few times when I had a spate of punctures…never had to wait more than 20 mins…cheerful, chirpy, helpful, and don’t talk to you in a patronising tone…and most importantly they certainly don’t rip you off unlike HONDA-CHISWICK!

Have nothing but praise for the guys there…think they are fantastic

Cheers Barro, where are they?

Essential Rubber 27-29 Downham Road, London N1 5AA Tel: 020 7241 0055 Fax: 020 7241 0505


Not a great website but at least you can see the opening times