Praise Essential Rubber...again

went over to Essential after seeing posts on here.

got a set of Michelin pilot power 2ct for my ninja and was in stock, and had them out by the time i had finished asking for them lol

friendly guys, helpful…good prices and deffo recommend and go back again.

Thanks guys

Did you mention you were an LB’er… Thats worth 10% off :wink:

I’ve never understood this type of praise tbh. It’s like me praising Asda cause they have bread and milk in stock… And can serve me within a half hour.
I should bloody well hope that a tyre shop would have tyres in stock and could fit them.
Praise would be given if you rocked up 5 min before closing and then they still helped you out even if it took them well past their operational hours.
Seems these days praise is being given out like sweets:ermm:


agree with jamie, also what i find bit annoying is the reminder of 10% discount…

are the price’s not cheap enough? ffs.

At the end of the day the discount is offered to be used. That 10% might be the difference between someone going to a competitor. So to answer your question; not to everyone. Gold leaf engineering round the corner charge the same. I would say they are reasonable but the reason why I use Essential Rubber is the honesty.

do you know who actually came up with that discounbt, cos as far as i know its never been official, its just everyone ‘assumes’ it is.

gold leaf dont do tyres as far as im aware, or proper bike servidcing etc?

essential’s prices are better than competitors, if your north of the river you go there, south normally FWR.

10% aint **** all anyway, i’d rather tip mick or colin that 10%.

i get decent prices with mick, i’vve known him for some time so that may be why, also i work in the trade so put people his way, end of the day tho, i never ask for discount, makes me feel liek a leech.

I found out about it when I was in there and an LB’er asked for the 10% LB discount and it got done no questions asked. Its only on tyres. Essentially what they are doing is knocking off some of the fitting.

Gold leaf do everything. I just think they are a bit weird in there… Can’t quite put my finger on it.

yeh i’m aware its only on tyres, just think its cheap enough as it is no need for discount really, plus i dont like asking, at all, and as said i dont htink its needed.

i thought they was just engineering not a proper bike garage so to speak, dont know anyone thats used them!?

oh yeah i forgot to add…

where else can i take the piss out of the guy working on my bike, without worry.:smiley:

OI!!! wheres my ferkign praise!?;):D:P

I went to Essential this morning got two tyres, rear pads and a MOT for the same price as it would have been for just the two tyres from Honda main dealer. Never bothered to ask for a discount we want them to remain in business :wink:

One down downside, drinks machine was busted :frowning:

do what i do, play find the kettle:laugh:its there! ask mick:D

Was there this afternoon, really couldn’t ask for a discount, they are just too entertaining! Also will be back as they found I need new head bearing:doze:

Also anyone know why they have a box of forks and spoons on the floor, noticed it last year and again today…

saves on the wash up? :hehe:

in how many threads (it’s not the first time you state it) you ‘work in the trade’ when all your job is is HG sales boy?
Also, if you don’t want to use the 10% discount, then don’t use it, end of. if others want to use it, let 'em use the offer from ER without making a fuss about it.

not quite sure what your problem is…

but i work for HG yes, that is within the motorcycle trade, so…yeh…i work in the trade :slight_smile:

Heh. Almost like the Clay and Jacks thing in here.

hey, anyone who you feel does a good job deserves praise…more so because the industry is getting smaller, so finding someone/where your happy to take your bike to get things done.

the discount, i didnt know anything about, but the guys gave me it coz i was in here.

Ratty, goes without saying…praise be the HG staff from Gants Hill…we are not worthy hhahaaha

awwwww thank you:D:kiss:

i’m only joking, see ya soon dude!:slight_smile: