Praise: Elite Motorcycle Training

I don’t post very often on this forum but I feel I have to praise Elite for going out of their way for me.

Yesterday I had a 1 hour assessment with H to see how my riding was going and while I was riding he noticed my chain was very loose. Admittedly I hadn’t adjusted it since I bought it almost a year ago, this will teach me for being such a technical numpty! :blush:Anyway afterwards he not only showed me how to adjust my chain properly but adjusted it for me and oiled it up. This took longer as my bike was a bit of a pig cos the bolts had seized and the markers weren’t clear.

Just wanted to thank Elite and H in particular being so helpful and I promise never to let it get in such a state again!! :wink:

Yeah, I’ve managed to pass my DAS exam at first time thanks to them :slight_smile:

I always recommend Elite - H also very good. I really appreciated his patience in helping me master the u turn so I could pass my DAS in Jan this year.

Yes, I would highly recommend them as well. H took me for the first day of my DAS. I had never ridden anything above a 125 so he said - I shouldn’t really do this, but lets swap bikes for a little while so you can get used to something bigger.
I then had Richard for the remainder of my course and I passed first time. I was so excited I don’t know how I managed to ride back to Wimbledon without getting a ticket.

Hehe … he took off my front brake when I was practising my u turns … scared the bejezus out of me … I passed though :smiley:

H you really need to get yourself a proper bathing suit … :laugh:



Just want to add a thumbs up for H and the guys at Elite. Passed my DAS with them today, testing in St. Albans.

So glad I managed to get in there before the test change in October.

H (…another one)

I did my CBT literally 5 years ago or so with Elite and H when they were based out of a shipping container at the base of wembley stadium, they were good then, it seems not much have changed. H is a top bloke and a good teacher

i did mine with H at Elite 3 years ago, he is a top guy as they all are, and he is such a man… ooh dribble drool, sorry hehe:D