PRAISE - Eaglespeed Garage - Wood Green, London

I went in for a MOT and I said I couldn’t risk not having the bike fail so he checked it over before hand and reassured me it was fine! The whole MOT took 22minutes, I had a nice chat with the guy and helped him out with it which was good as I now know exactly what looking for the next time round.

In a nut shell -
Great customer service
No hidden charges
They have nothing to hide as it’s all open plan

I’m near Wood Green - where’s this place? :slight_smile:

Oh dear, Steve and Joe are brilliant, I always take my bikes to their garage, it’s just round the corner from me but even if I didn’t live so close I’d still be coming to them for M.O.Ts, Steve is thorough, does a proper job, doesn’t miss anything. Checks the bike inside out and if you are not sure just ask him and you can be sure he will give you the best possible advice on everything.:smiley:

Alex, you know as you go uphill from Wood Green underground station you go past the traffic lights, carry on along the High road, go past the police station on the left, then the side road, then there sum shops and the garage is a bit hidden, it’s set a bit further inside, a grey shutter between two shops and you can see a drive in front of it and a little A-board that says M.O.T tests. Easy to find once you know what you’re looking for.:smiley:

Yeah he seemed very thorough and honest too, I was very impressed with it all - will be definitely going back there in the future.
If you see Steve tell him Nathan with the red VFR750 says thanks for the tip on using fully synth, changes gears way smoother than before!

Nate :smiley:

Good guys, I always used to use them while I was in Enfield, bit of a trek from Chelmsford now though. They’re on Wood Green High Road opposite Woodside Park, their postcode is N22 8JA.

Ahh, I know where you mean now Cheeky. Just a stone’s throw from me and I never knew they existed :smiley:

If you know them, next time I need something done, I’ll give you a bell and you can introduce me.


you are beeing cheeky now alex…but ok, i can try:D

cool stuff NateHog, I will say hi when I see them next time which shouldn’t be long as they are my other half’s friends:P

Worth checking, but as far as I know they’re a car workshop only and just do MOTs for bikes, they don’t do any work on them.

If you need summink done Danny(my OH) would be the one to help…Eagle-speed is the one when you need the MOT done :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I was told they do carry out basic servicing, nothing too heavy though - basically they’re perfect for my needs as I have always done my own servicing!

Nate :smiley: n22 8jaFound it beside “Rattan furniture” shop

Since I will be near Romford I need a garage closer… so any recommendations are more than welcome.