Praise - Dynojet!

Big thumbs up to Dynojet UK.

In particular, Martin.

I had a PCIII fitted and ran it on the standard map. Was runnig OK, but still a bit rich.

Sent Dynojet an email, requesting some advice and asking whther a specific map was to be introduced for my nike with a Scorpion can and K&N air filter.

Stated that it wasn’t, but suggeesed I use the Micron map. otherwise have the bike dynoed and a custom map made.

Offered to do it for me FREE OF CHARGE!

Only slight problem was…they are based up in the North West near Preston!

Anyway, coincided it with a trip to an old mate in Blackpool. Some ride, will post seperately about the comfort f a sports bike (ZX6r) 1.5 hrs later, bike was sorted and now runs like the nuts!! WoW

wicked. Can’t ask for better service.