Praise: Doble Honda

Just got a phone call from Robin who has already fixed the fuel pump on my bike. I just have to figure out when I can pick it up. At first they said they wouldn’t be able to even look at until Wednesday next week, but he replaced it this morning.

Nice one!!!


We just picked Lou’s 250R up the other day and I was reminded what a good dealership they are. Loads of reasonably priced gear and top selection of bikes, albeit mostly hondas of course haha.

Did you get a good deal on it?..People who want a new Honda should go here they will blow any other dealer out the water.Trust me

It was just about to be an ex-demo so she got it for a decent saving on new, there’s a thread about it somewhere in General.

Think she paid about 3100 for it? Could be wrong. It has about 140 miles on it.

I’ve had previous dealings with them and yeah they do everything a dealer should do. Shops are great, well stocked with good gear and decent prices. Naturally the hourly rate is eye-watering but that’s dealers for you. Can’t blame a lion for having big teeth can you?

Damn, I thought I got my brilliant deal because of my stunning good looks.

Seriously though, they are good. I did have some concerns over a young chap named Gary - didn’t think he listened to me properly, which is kind of important when you’re trying explain what is going on with a foocked up bike. Customer service skills need a bit of work there, and that just takes a bit of time, but everyone else I’ve dealt with there has been ace.

And their spares department is second to none.

Terrific shop, got me out of trouble many a time.

What’s their spares department like? Sometimes I need parts pronto and Chiswick Honda (5 mins away from me) doesn’t cut it.

I’m from Bristol and Fowlers (who supply a lot of smaller shops/dealers out here in London such as Geomoto I think??) have an excellent parts department, most times I’ve just walked in, asked for a part for my CG125 and 10 mins later I’m out without having to order and wait a few days…!!

well there top dog on bike sales dunno about aftersales etc if you want to deal and get some extras at discount deal with paul styles the sales manager that way he aint gotta ask the next one up if its ok to do the discount coz hes the boss and he is very keen to deal

Oh yeah your right here. LOL. I said to him when I bought a new blade a couple of year back now he done me a top deal…I pushed the limits and he threw in some good shit man,data-tool alarm,£400 Arai helmet, knocked a grand off the bike aswell!!!

Top Boy - Respect Him…21st Moto are shite compared to dobles…Any deal 21st Moto will do dobles will beat it and more!!!

Oh and Nick in clothing…Top Boy…:wink:

When I had my CBR I wouldn’t take it anywhere else. Expensive but good. They did muck up something but it was spotted and rectified straight away.

I didn’t want to take my little one anywhere else cos they were so good when I bought it from them. It’s 30+miles from my house. Now I have to find a day to go pick it up. Eeeekkkkkkk.

Something changed…I reckon Gary might read this forum :stuck_out_tongue: He was very friendly today.

He offered me a scooter to ride up to the workshop to get the bike - I declined because I…erm…have no idea how to ride a scooter. My left hand is for a clutch, not a brake. I didn’t want to get confused. :hehe:

Anyway, he brought my bike down, and then I took off on a 60 mile jaunt. Works like a dream now.

Excellent stuff.

+1…Also got an awesome deal from Paul for my new Blade :slight_smile: Great bunch of guys in sales, parts and service, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.(I’ve tried 21st Moto and Honda Chiswick, but Dobles beat them on service etc. everytime)