Praise - DO Motorbikes (garage)

Had to drop in a post here as I know there are a few LB’ers around Wallington/Sutton - I took my bike for a service with Damon of and couldn’t be happier. He’s a one-man band, with a private garage, which made me a bit nervous at first, but he really knows his stuff. He sorted out lots of little niggling issues on my new bike and recommended a couple of other things too - not in the usual Kwik-Fit “oooh this will kill you if you don’t get it fixed so we’re going to charge you £200 for it” way either. Tightened up the clutch and the brake for me and looked at an annoying bit of the bike for free, and in doing so put my mind at rest.
As a girl I’m always worried about getting ripped off at garages, but the service on my 125 was cheap (£85 all in) and fast. The extra work I need doing is going to be of minimal cost, and he’s so friendly and personable, I’m not going with anyone else!

Can definitely recommend :slight_smile:

Going to have to retract this a bit - after taking bike to get a wobbly wheel seen to, turns out he broke the back tyre when putting it on. And put the wrong brake pads on the front wheel. Can now recommend Lamba Motorcycles in Carshalton though, seem to know what they’re doing.