Praise: Demon Tweeks

I ordered a set of Renthal soft race grips from DT. Website was easy to use, payment process was easy.

Then… the snow hit everyone! I ordered them at the beginning of December, and by the 15th they were not here, so, getting a bit worried, as it was for a xmas pressie, sent them an email… Prompt response, which i was happy with. But… I am a woman, and never happy so gave them a ring too. :smiley:

This is where it gets interesting… I was told, i had to wait 15 clear days before they could do anything, then they would send me a form to declare i hadn’t received it, then, when they received the form back, i would be able to get another one sent out or a refund… I was not happy about this, as it meant it was a xmas pressie fcuked. (DT, you should rethink the policy here, or offer a postal option with tracking, i’d be happy to pay more for this)

It did turn up though, by the date i was given on the phone, despite all my worrying, and the rude words i used while not on the phone, and i quickly turned to smiles. :slight_smile:

End result, i would definitely use them again, although not opt for 2nd class post, and to be fair, the snow was not anyones fault… got loads of mods to do on the blade yet, so they’ll be getting my business again. :smiley: