Praise- Comfy pillion seat

We’re off to Holland next week on the Gixer…

I decided to call Bob Turner who’s company (based in East Peckham Kent)specialise in repairing and modifying seats on cars and bikes.

He added padding for the plank of wood that was on the back. He also added orange stitching to match the orange stitch wheel rims. Although the seat looks a bit weird on a sports bike- I hope it will make the journey a little more comfortable. If anyone needs info then let me know.

An excellent job done…

Ahem…i also do that lol:P…looks very nice with the stitching in orange;)

I would also like to advise you all that Wasp also does very good trim repairs and amendments. Let me know if you would like some info;)


yeh if u have a fat bum will help too i guess lol

Wasp you don’t reckon you could make the seat of my gladius comfy, do you? Surely this is a feat beyond human skills

You need extra comfy foam:D make any seat comfy luvvie:D

Hmmmmm, didnt realise the birthday girl does seats too, think my 400 could do with having something done :wink:

Well you have no excuses lol you know where to bring your seat:D