(Praise) Colin Collins Harrow

(Suppose to post this a while ago but been quite busy!)

Had a few problems with the new R6R…

Got a puncture in the rear tyre about a month ago and dropped my bike off to Colin Collins about 4:30pm and they said they could plug it no problem. Found out after plugging it and there was still a hissing noise coming from the punctured area, so had to replace the tyres… Anyway there werent enough time to do it that eveing and they said I had to walk home basically, Leighton whom is a Sales Executive there said it was wrong and that I come here all the time and that I’m not leaving without a bike… Most of the people had gone home and Ryan whom is parts and servicing had another idea about what to do with the puncture, so Ryan, Leighton and I got my bike in the showroom after their working time and started fixing my puncture which got me home in the end! I am really grateful for their help which they didnt have to do in fairness!

Also, had a lil accident couple of weeks ago and Ryan helped me out tremendously with parts and getting them in from Yamaha as quick as he did… Furthermore had another lil problem which I didn’t know what it was and took my bike to Colin Collins and George said he couldn’t fit it in for one of the mechanics to look at it so Ryan went out of his way to find out what the problem was outside in the cold. Found out it was just a fuse that had blown! Thanks both to Ryan and Leighton for helping out a great deal, Colin Collins wouldn’t run without you guys as there would be no customers to be frank!

Thanks also to Stewart and Mike upstairs in clothing and accessories for getting my Alpinestar jacket in on time and also being patient with me nagging about my Laser exhaust system… Been a great help also

Nice one guys!


I am sure thier parts dept is top notch and have heard nothing but good things about Leighton, wouldn’t trust em to work on my or any one elses bike until they out thier servicing dept in order.

well what can i say about these guys at colin & collins in harrow well about 3 weeks ago me and four mates went in to the showroom so one of my mates could get a pair of alpinstar boots for a trip we had coming up, well that was the start of an expensive little visit he got the boots plus 3 t-shirts another mate also got a pair of sidi boots and a new jacket, another guy got a set of leathers and some t-shirts and well i was the only one not to buy anything so not to be out done we went to leave after hassleing the sales guys up stairs and getting masive discounts, and we got down stairs in the showroom and bought a 2004 r1 beat that guys well i picked the bike up a week later after the trip and a couple days later i noticed that the meta 375t alarm was not working so i called the guys in the service department and they took it straight in and replaced the whole alarm with a new datatool system well what can you say to such a good bunch of guys apart from cheers fellas i will return

Another good comment, I’m sure they’ll be pleased about that

My main problem and no disrepect is George on Service Desk, he really is a bit of a Wank to say the least and he never gives anyone the time of day. As a regular there I find I just go to certain people that I know I can trust. And if you need a bike always talk to Leighton or Jason because their really friendly and will sort you on your way with a new bike!


hmmmm… they must of changed all the staff there since i last used them about a year ago…? i bought my last two bikes from them new, sv650s and my current gixxer 6 k4 and they buggered up both in the service dept…i only got the bikes from them for the price…never again…bloody rubbish…and yes george is a complete cock…

Would still like to know why with myself and others they charge for oil filters that havn’t been fitted… top marks to Leighton and Jason though…