PRAISE - Chiswick Honda Valet

I booked the bike in for a valet at Chiswick Honda prior to putting it away for the winter. The bike went in covered in soil and various animal dung. I got it back today and it’s ready for the showroom floor. There is not a bit of grease or dirt on any part of it. It’s just immaculate and I only paid £23. If you don’t fancy cleaning your bike you should definitely consider booking it there. If you book it far enough in advance you could probably have a coffee at their cafe while it’s done. I booked last minute and they managed to fit me in.

Glad it worked for you :slight_smile:

I thought to have it done to my old Hornet as part of the MOT a few months back.

It was good value, and the bike mostly came back gleaming - though the cleaning seemed over-aggressive in some bits and has even bleached a couple of areas and stripped some paint (admittedly a bit old/rusty) off others.

So a good price, but be a bit careful with older bikes.

did they stamp your book?.. :Whistling:

does it have to be a honda? :smiley:

Doesn’t have to be a Honda. I didn’t get a stamp but I got a receipt for the bike file to put with the others.

See you in 2012.:slight_smile:

brought the bike in for cleaning today,
went to pick it up at 4, had a good look at it and noticed some wetness on the wheels, thought may be water but on touch it was definitively oily. run a finger round the brake discs just in case, greasy.
called them back out and pointed out all of the above, they agreed it wasnt acceptable so i suggested they use some break cleaner just to get rid of the oil and to make it safe to ride.
guy brought bike back after about 10 minutes, discs felt ok after another finger inspection but they didnt bother to clean the oil on the wheel. the guy claimed he run it up and down for me just to make sure it was ok.

now, not to be pedantic but i’m very picky when it comes to brakes as i believe to be quite important that they are safe to run :crazy:
i’m pretty sure the oil was cleaned just by simply running the bike up and down the road a few times and breaking hard, no brake cleaner has gone near my discs.

as usual, pop into a garage that is not OMC and get treated like the usual ignorant woman.
they sure wont have my custom again. sorry. and the job they done i could have done it better myself.
i was expecting the showroom conditions that Joby was talking about, the bike is just got covered in oil i dont think they even used any detergent.

shame, as i even bought my first helmet at chiswick honda and the guy did a sterling job explaining to me all the details i needed to know, so i always had a good feeling about that shop.

i wonder if they would clean my bike lol not been propply clean since new i rekon now coverd in mud aswell lol