Praise ChasBikes - good old fashioned honest business

Had a screw well-embedded in my tyre. Was expecting to have get a new one. Mechanic at Chasbikes thought it only superficially penetrated the tyre and managed to pull it out. For FREE! :slight_smile: Even let me check the tyre pressures and fill them up.

Thumbs up for a good old fashioned honest business.



Only had to use them once to replace the regulator/rectifier. No complaints.

Nice to see a business being nice - but post up where they are so everyone knows where to go;)

I’ve only heard good things about them.

They are just around the corner from Lambeth North tube, about half a mile from FWR.

Had a no nonsense MOT from them in December last year. Bike passed with no issues. Have since sorted rear caliper as it was binding a bit, but was not an issue then thankfully!

They MOT’d my VFR last month, were decent and squeezed me in on a weekend.

Here you go :slight_smile:

113 Kennington Rd, London SE11 6SF
020 7582 7878

Chas is a top geeser with classic moustache… :slight_smile:

Praise to these fellows again. Sorted a friends R1 out earlier this week with no issues, new battery and minimal charge to swap it over. Also MOT’d my bike yesterday at short notice and it flew through with some banter and laughter. Great place and worth the money.