PRAISE: Carl Rosner Triumph

So having passed my DAS in August, finally got hold of my new Triumph Tiger. There’s a lot of bike there compared to the 125 I’ve been on for the past 2 years! Feels like I was riding round on a hair dryer all that time now.

Picked it up from Carl Rosner’s today over in Croydon - I’d recommend them to anyone who’s after a Triumph - jolly nice people.

Don’t crash it!!!

I’ve only bought a jacket from there and they were pleasant enough. Triumph Tiger is nice though, 1050 version I presume. They can shift rather well and have a nice look to them.

oh nice one, i loved my tiger… sniffle, dribble, cough splutter.:crying::wink:

I’ll try not to! It was raining when I picked it up and I felt a bit sheepish on it, I guess new tyres that aren’t scrubbed in yet doesn’t help - but having said that for such a hefty bike it handles better than my little 125 ever did… really well balanced even at a crawl through traffic.

Yes it is the 1050 ABS in black makman. Rosner’s did a really good deal for me with a few extras thrown in. I took it down to Brighton and back on Monday - and you’re right… it can shift rather well. Hope I didn’t pick up any tickets or points; was never really an issue before. I’d have been lucky to get 70Mph going downhill with the wind behind me on the 125!

carl Rosner very nice people indeed went there today and they was very helpfull :slight_smile: