Praise-Carbon Can Company

When I dropped my bike last year it scratched the edge of the can and broke the strap thats riveted on, ive been looking on ebay for ages, there has been a few but not many and they were charging £7-£12 for them.

I phoned up carbon can co on Friday asking if they had any and how much they were. They guy said that I can have some but didn’t know how much they charged for them. After chatting for about 5-10 mins about there website he said he would just post 2 out to me free of charge.

I gave him my address and they turnt up today…yahoooo

Didn’t catch the guys name but thanks mate you saved me about £15

Now I can cut the can down and make it look pretty again

you only want to cut the can coz i did it first!

good result tho mate

Im only gonna be taking about an inch off, just to get rid of the damage

make sure you have a strong hacksaw or dremel because that inner tube is thick stainless steel, we went thru about 10 cutting blades to get it off!

you know it will look good if you cut it in half

nah half is too small for me

but keeping it on topic i also praise CCC, i have had my end can for over a year now and the sound and build is great, the carbon only started to fracture after the accident and it chopped and went back together great