Praise: Buster's Accessories/M&P

For those that don’t know Busters Accessories and M&P are the same company and I find them tons better and cheaper than Wemoto.

So heres the story… I purchased some Sintered Ferodo ST Gold brake pads for the GSX650F and the postage was £1.50 a pair. Fair enough, so I ordered. What really hacked me off is when I went back and checked after I placed my order they had made the postage free. I wasn’t having it so I messaged them for an explanation to their cheek. They said they usually add postage when the manufacturers up the price to make up for the fluctuation.

After explaining the reasons they said we’ll refund you the £3.00 and I explained further that it wasn’t the charge it was the principle, which they did understand. Woke up this morning and they had refunded me not only for the postage but also the item as good will. In addition, they also arrived next day and the brake pads are the dog’s bollocks. Low dust and very sensitive, I won’t be hammering my brakes for a while. A steal at £13.06 each (

Such a lil bargain hunter :wink:

Yep :). Not all of us are on a millionaire’s salary :stuck_out_tongue:

i use Busters every now and then, they’re really a good bunch of nice and friendly people :slight_smile: