PRAISE! Bridge Bikes in Exeter!

So, Saturday was the meet up day for our Cornwall Run…but on the way to the start point, I had a bad knocking coming from what I originally thought was the front sprocket…thought it’d come lose.So, we eventually get to Tescos Vale in Exeter and Dave has a look at the front sprocket…nice and secure. So he test rides her in the car park…and diagnoses the fault…slim chance its wheel bearings…but 99% sure its the Sprocket Carrier Bearing. Another m8 gives a second opinion and agrees with Dave.

So, time to source a bike shop that will stock the said item. Bridge Bikes are the guys but can’t fit it that day…so I ask them a huge favour…“Can you lend us a paddock stand and 32mm spanner and we’ll sort it round the back?”…“Yeah ok, no worries!”. So we head over…taking it very slowely…I keep the rear brake on slightly for short periods of time to reduce the banging and keep the wheel straight.

We get there and buy the part. Bike is proped on the stand, wheel off…OMG…what a state the Sprocket Carrier is in. Dave can’t get the thing out, so one of our m8s Chele, uses her girlie powers to ask if the guys in the garage at the back of the shop can take it out. “Yeah sure, but I need the go ahead from the Manager, Dan”…he’s the guy we were dealing with on the phone. So in we go and Chele explains to Dan what Des, the garage lad, needs to do…“Ok give me an hour!”. He takes the part and then asks me if I’d like him to get Des to fit the new bit…“Only if its ok? How much do you want for it?”…“Yeah its fine, say £25?”…Toptastic!

So, new part added on and everything fitted back onto the bike…she’s running sweet and off we head.

TOP LADS!! Thank you xx

I think Bridge have got better for their customer service recently, i can remember dealing with them years ago when i had a 125 serviced and they ripped me right oof. Not only that the so called “service manager” at the time was so rude, he not only pissed me off that day but another customer.

When we first arrived, the Service Manager’s missus turned up with his lunch, then a bit later, my m8 heard him telling another member of staff about the good evening he’d had the night before with her…nice meal, wine, romantic moments…I think he got laid…Nice one…did me some good! :smiley: