Praise: Brian Suspension Genius!

Big big thanks to Brian Nicholson (BN Race Science) for setting up my suspension this evening! He’s done a fantastic job, my bike completely different, in a good way, and handles waaaay better. Best part: no more sore bum after I go over the slightest bump!!

He also taught me some great facts about suspension and cornering and even tightened my motorcycle chain! And of course, was patient when I got lost finding the place :rolleyes:

I think you’ll find that his correct title is Suspension God :smiley:

you got lost? Really??? I don’t believe that for a minute


Now I’ve heard it all

Do you really expect us to believe Captain Slow abandoned the Maytona with an incorrectly adjusted chain :ermm:

Haha, yeh lost getting there and going home :blush:

The chain may have been slackened from the long Sunday ride out, Captain Slow did a good job at making sure the bike was practically brand new and never seen a tonne :stuck_out_tongue:

Slan, does it really make a difference,
Only reason I’m asking is all the girl folk have had it done on here.
I’m considering it as being a girl, must be something in it.
what are the noticeable differences?

Any thoughts and suggestions, as to why is should take the plunge.

I’m not a girl and i’ve had my susp[ension set up proffesionally.

What you need to think about is…

From the Factory your manufacturer sets the suspension up to a really generic setting so that all types of riders can ride it to a reasonable level, Male, Female, Tall, Short, Fat & Thin. A bike is only ever going to be at its most stable when the suspension is set up to suit the rider. It’s a pretty simple operation to do on your driveway with very basic tools to seriously improve the ride. But the expertise comes when a suspension specialist works his magic and gets it set up specifically to your weight, size and if they are good enough your riding style. you come away feeling like you are on a different bike!!

Brian will set the bike up for YOU! not the generic factory settings or how he thinks you need it but how you need it, for the way you ride. boy, girl, man, woman, makes no difference, my bike was very different once Brian had finished with it, in a very good way. best £60 I ever spent on it, and I have spent a lot on it.

go for it, I am 100% sure you will be pleased with the bike afterwards, and get more enjoyment from riding it.

Sure last i checked you were a Bird - Sorry


Ok thanks, for the info.

Might have to book, the new bike in for it.

Definitely have it done Nic :slight_smile: I read somewhere that, for Daytonas at least, the suspension is set up for someone who weighs around 200lbs. But the suspension on my bike was particularly bad, Brian has lots of experience with them and is aware how bad it is. Once he had adjusted it, the difference was phenomenal, first thing I noticed was how much lighter it felt, then the grip on the road! I feel a lot more confident on it now and it’s far more enjoyable to ride.

Brian really knows his stuff and he comes from a racing background. I didn’t realise the difference it would make until he set it up for me. I was expecting a little more foot on the ground and that was it, but the suspension affects so much of the bike that I would say it was essential for any biker to get it done :slight_smile:

Did you get a little more foot on the ground?

The more I read, the more I must.
Hopefully towards the end of the month, get a few more hours in!

Yeh I did, previously I was on the very tiptoes of my boots, now I’ve got the ball of my foot down. He has lowered the bike, but hes also softened the rear shock, let some air out of the tyres etc so that it compresses more under my weight.

Arrrr ok, sounding more and more appealing.
I hate being on tip toes, gives you no chance if you get stuck on a lump!

Its really worth having done (especially for only £72) not just to get more foot on the ground but it will change the whole feel of the bike for the better! :slight_smile: