Praise: BN Race Scientologist

Thanks to Brian for supplying the tea and hot cross buns while I used his pattio to take my bike apart and replace the fork seals. I even managed to leaving one or two of his paving slabs free from oil. The old c*** that came out of the forks was completely shot, grey and horrible. Swapped for fresh SAE15 and the handling is VASTLY improved. The feeling of riding on an old spring bed has gone. It is no longer scary to ride, sliding the front is progressive and predictable and doesn’t leave you pogoing round the corner.

Think I met you today Nutz whilst fixing Brian’s laptop !

MASSIVE thank you to Brian , the time spent just chatting about biking and riding in general is worth the money alone , came away with a piece of mind and knowing the bike is as good as can be.

Would def recommend it.

Nice one Justin. It made me chuckle you paid for a setup then he got you to fix his laptop too. That is a sweet looking ride you have.

Not entirely true Jamie and I don’t remember you chuckling either, you were moaning all day:P:D

A pleasure to meet you JC, just shout if you need any more help or advice!

Thanks again for the help getting my laptop up and running again , much appreciated.

It was quite a stressful day, don’t know if I am really doing the right thing, but thanks again for your help.

You’ll be alright mate, maybe a bit premature getting another bike, once you’ve sold your old one things will look rosier.

no doubt. Times is hard with crunchy credit.

Does that mean the 750 is up for sale then ?

The K5 is up for sale