Praise - Bikesafe Ace Cafe

Completed the Bikesafe course today from the Ace, thoroughly enjoyed it and even learnt some stuff too!

Would recomend to anyone who dosen’t fancy becomming a statistic :w00t:

sounds good well done fella!
What did they teach you? :smiley:

I’m doing on on 19th Sept. Apparently the course is booked up so I wonder if any other LB’ers are on it. Looking forward to it but slightly scared too!!

I’m thinking about doing a Bikesafe course, too.

I’ve only been riding a month, though (a grand total of about 850 miles). Is it something I should wait to do until I have a couple of thousand under my belt?

I done Bikesafe at the Ace after only a few months of riding, don’t think it’s ever to early to do it.

Top day and top guys who run the day :slight_smile:

I’m booked on one at the end of September, looks like i’ll have to change my flush mount indicators for ones that can actually be seen properly!!!:w00t:

i also done my bikesafe course great fun well worth the money

Did mine in Hampshire with some great roads.

The morning is spent in the classroom going over hazard perception, planning and mitigation, the afternoon with observed rides from your allocated police biker.

The cops were a great bunch and pretty pragmatic when it comes to fellow bikers, they were far more interested in your lines, observation and roadcraft than small numberplates and tinted visors.

They got me moving around on the road a lot more to open up vision on the bends, and some useful tips about observation in town, feet under cars, reflections in mirrors, gaps in stationary traffic etc.

Well worth it and nothing there to be aprehensive about, they are there to help you.


Got mine on Saturday (Ace).

Anyone else?

How was it?

Done it too. Good chaps. They teach elements of the “Roadcraft” book and road positioning etc in order to have the highst chance of survival