Praise: bike cops

hahaha you can ride bro;) but broady is in a difrent league!:smiley:

What I like about the Met bike boys is that they’re very down to Earth and not condescending like a few others I’ve encountered.

I’ve had the privilege to work with them in the past on KillSpills and they’re a great bunch! :smiley:
(Thought that “Broady” name looked familiar… ;))

The other evening I was going along Euston Road and saw a bike cop a few cars ahead of me… I caned it to get nearer to him to watch how he road through traffic, only to have him turn down a side road :doze:

they live On their bikes, they have to be good or they wouldnt last ten minutes…not sure I WANT TO GET BEHIND THEM THOUGH, NOR HAVE THEM BEHIND ME…even though Terry Motto reckoned I would…

Why thank you:blush:

haha no prbs fella, i have seen you ride a few times…if everyone followed you through teh lanes…they would improve thier riding from just following mate.

and your a top fella too! and its not often i say that about old bill!:D:w00t::wink: