Praise: bike cops

I followed (and was followed by) a police bike this morning between Catford and Clapham.

He was the smoothest rider I’ve ever seen - and quick with it, too. I made every effort to copy his lines around bends and take note of how he filtered.

We had a little chat at the lights - he said “just keep it smooth and be careful”. Totally relaxed, like.

I’ve noticed that over the short time I’ve been commuting since passing my test, I’ve allowed myself to get quite het up in traffic, filtering when I probably don’t need to and things, but seeing this fella has made me re-evaluate my style - and for the rest of my ride to work I was so much mellower. Got there at the same time as usual, too.

Thank you, nice Mr Policeman!

Next stop, Bikesafe. :slight_smile:

Nice one! :cool: I love seeing the bike cops riding! :smiley:

Are’nt they just wonderfull!!!:wink:

I love following bike cops, all sorts of stuff fall out of their sky rockets;):D:D:D

one of the best riders i have ever seen is a bike cop…and he can bloody ride!:slight_smile:

Yeah your mates a great bloke!!!


Well I followed the one picture above a couple of time and he is not too bad. The only thing is the issue with the way your stomach goes when he stop and remove this helmet…
Just don’t go and tell him. As he wears a gun, no one told him yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

If he does say so himself :kiss:


Absolutely! I’ve had lots of fun following police bikes in traffic. Even more so when a dozy lady pulled out into one of them! His skills at evading her were brilliant and he then tore strips off her! Smooth and quick, not high speed, but proper quick in terms of cutting through heavy traffic.

I love riding behind Broady, he always makes it all look so smooth and easy.

Oh dear :smiley:

Hahaha, I was just about to say the same thing

I know what you mean,no need for all this innuendo:P

(It is fun though):wink:

There are some minds in the gutter on here, corrupting my young mind :w00t:

Cough, cough. Splutter, splutter!!!
I think you’re older than me hunny :wink:

who was that???

I’m not sure on that to be honest, I always thought you were a year older than me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Broady is a good rider, gave me some good tips on the bcr, so ta for that.

When I grow up I want to be just like those guys…No seriously, application in the post and everything.

The guys are top notch riders, have worked with a few of them and they are pretty much a good bunch of chaps,