Praise - Berrington-Smith Motorcycles

The 'Blade needed a service and I booked it in for Friday, at the same time the brakes lines were replaced, and new “double H” pads fitted front and back. He also fitted some heated grips and my Autocom.

He had some problems with parts (wrong bits sent) apologised and but said it would still be ready Friday evening. I arrive at 6pm and he’s just finishing it off, but wouldn’t let me take it until he had actually cleaned the bike, saying that it was part of the service.

It’s like a new bike, it feels so much better and the price was good too. Really impressed with this Guy, he looked after my GSXR and did all the remapping etc on that. He’s a bit of a specialist with Suzukis but has done a great job on both mine and a mates Honda. He also does some work for a couple of race teams (R1’s and GSXR’s).

He’s based in Hanwell, West London. To top it all off, he’s a nice bloke too.


Nice, thanks for the headsup! It’s refreshing when you get this kind of service, eh!? I need to take my gixxer in for a couple of points, I might approach this guy.

Post up his details,I will be looking for someone to do the servicing on my gsxr,i"ve had so many bad experiences with dealers,i"d rather go on recommendations.Sounds a top guy.

yea post his details up as i will be needing to get mine serviced soon, as people say always good when you have a recomendation, especially on something as personal as a bike.

Sorry guys, had missed your responses…

Tell him Steve said to call, he should see you alright.

Tel 0208 567 8437
Mob 07734 915536


Just thought I’d add an update to this…

Rob came out and picked me up after last Thursdays incident. I called him as I couldn’t get the alarm ot go off and wanted some advice. He immeadiately stopped what he was doing and withing 30 minutes the bike was in his van.

He dropped me home and took the bike back to his workshop where I went and viewed it on Saturday. The insurance company wanted to move it, so Rob took off the seat cowl, hugger and fender extenda, plus he replaced the Remus with the standard can (which was still at his place).

He now won’t take any money from me, because I’m a “good customer”. That’s what this bloke is like.

I’m off to pick up the bits today and a have an envelope with £50 in it for him. I just don’t know of anywhere that gives this kind of service… Yes I know he’s a one man band, but I think that’s why he cares so much…

I just can’t sing his praises high enough…


Deffo a well deserved 50 quid. People like this are very very rare. Dont ever lose his number!