Praise - Bat motorcycles

wesome guys, thanks for the help!

About two months ago I went for a lil ride up to Biggin hill to have a look round the shop. I’d just passed my DAS n was thinking of upgrading to a bigger bike (as u do lol). Martin greets me, Roger greets me they all bloomin greet me n first thing Martin sais is, “how do you like ur coffee”. So Im looking around nd see this lil nc23, 89 model CBR400RR sitting there. Phone the missus, beg n plead n then ask Martin about prt exchange. No worries we do the deal and one loooong impatient week later I set off on my 125 for the last time. I get there and the CBR is clean, the carbs hve been rebuilt, the brakes redone new battleaxe tyres front and bck, new chain etc… Now this is service you should just expect but I have never had so I m well chuffed! Any way, through the last month my lil baby has developed a overheating problem. So I call them up as Im hoping it will fll under warranty :smiley: and Dave in the workshop sais bring it round. I do and half an hour later they have swapped out the old switch gear for new Ive hd 3 coffees and Im off home! Never met a more lid back chilled but gets the job done group ever!! Awesome.


i’ll third it :slight_smile:

very professional but really friendly and straight talking too.

bought my first proper bike from them and they were excellent. newbie friendly and sorted me out with a great little bros. shame i smashed it up 3 months later :blush: chris and tony in the workshop are excellent mechanics and martin & roger are great guys too. i phoned em up about a year or so after i bought my first bike and they remembered me, right down to the car i pulled up in (2 ltr capri laser)!!! shows attention to detail which is what you want from a bike shop. anything i can’t do on my bike will be heading there in future. i’ve only ever seen satisfied and happy customers in there. oh and the cafe in the old naffie down the road is very very good too :smiley:

The cafe is gone, been leveled. It was in the old parachute packing building from WW2. Big petition went around to try and save it, lots of signatures but fell on deaf ears. Spitfire Cafe is the nearest cafe now, bit modern and sterile, but food is not bad. Few bikers usually there weekend mornings for a feed.

Used to spend ages looking at the bikes in the BAT Motorcycles windows, whilst waiting for the bus home from school, when they were in South Norwood many, many years ago.