PRAISE......Banjax Cambridge Heath Road

Thank you Martin at Banjax for setting up my Power Commander 3,.

My TL is improved no end, more power, smoother delivery and better fuel consumption.

Purred like a happy kitten over the 1000 miles to Vienna.

Banjax Motorcycles 397 Cmabridge Heath Road (next to T.T.T motorcycles).


I must get mine fitted:hehe:

The blokes at Banjax are lovely - very supportive and willing to go the extra mile :wink:

Get it sorted Chunkster, you#ll be over the moon and kicjking yourself for not getting it done sooner.

might be getting a tl1000s 97, have they got power commanders etc? they are all new to me so any advice on wot they have got etc would be great. i believe they have fuel inj too?


Don’t do it John!!!:DYou will get hooked on The Vee Side and wonder what you have been playing at all this time;):DYes the S is fuel injected and reacts very well to a PC3 as the fuelling at low speed as standatd is very on/off and makes roundabouts and stuff quite interesting:DYou will love it mate:cool:

I have a TLS 97 model, but I guess everybody in here knows that.

I got mine with a Dynojet power commander 3 and full system Akroprovic already fitted. It was running rich but that has now been sorted. the delivery is smooth and even as a result.

The only thing that I really need to sort out are the brakes, they are terrible. I am going to fit six pots, braded hoses and if I can save the cash a Brembo master cylinder.

I have had many bikes and enjoy something a little different and interesting to ride, the TL ticks all the boxes, it turns heads, gets respect and is great fun.

I have just ridden over 1000 miles through Europe and it did not miss a beat.

A couple of things though, the suspension is squeaky as hell but I have chatted to a few owners and apparently this is normal, and it packed up in the wet, I have silicone sealed the coils and so far so good (it did get a test up in the mountain mist yesterday Chunks).

My advice, get it now. They are about at their money and I have had many requests offering more than I paid for it.

Have always fancied a v-twin, always loved twins of a kind mainly prralel used to have xs 650s and loved em and always wanted form when i was a boy a triumph bonneville.Fooligan, if i get it will get onto you for some advice etc, and i spose chunkster, lol

Mines an “R” and quite different to the “S” which I believe stands for “Squeeky”;):smiley:

i have heard that could be due to the top mount brace on the shock, prone to cracking.

I stripped mine down and greased it up, no cracks just Squeaks…:hehe:

I still recon its your wallet squeeking;):P:D:D:D

Yeah…well sliders and tyres don’t grow on trees…plus I have to save for those moccachocalattes ;);):smiley:

Wots rough price on PC3’s and how much to set up on dyno etc?

Fooligan if ya wanna pm me wot banjax chargewd instead sticking it up publically, upt ot you, lol.


Cheers for the feedback !! glad you had a good trip :slight_smile:

Hello and Welcome Mr Banjax:D

got here eventually !!

Only used Banjax for a couple of dyno runs but they seem friendly enough.

Wacky place to have a dyno though!

it may be wacky but when railtrack (bastards) are pushing motortrade out with skyhigh rent you gatta do what ya gotta do!!! anyway it’s working out ok, bit of a squeeze, but then we dont have babysit 20 odd bikes while their owners go on hols !! :wink: onwards and sideways!!!

I’ve book my baby in for Thursday to have a custom map done for the PC3 with Banjax after reading the glowing reports.

Lets see how she likes to be spanked afterwards :w00t: