Praise - B (of BN Race Science)

Thanks to B, my ZX636 (A1P) feels like a different (even better!) bike.

Whilst she felt lovely to ride before, she was turning into corners a bit too lazily and could have been a bit smoother in general.

I popped down to the workshop which B works from in Twickenham and an hour later emerged happy as larry with an adjusted chain and tyre pressures and a bike that had had its preload tweeked, its compression and rebound damped and all sorts of magic and all-purpose trickery performed.

The bike feels smoother and turns into corners a lot quicker. For £40, I reckon it’s a pretty good way to get your suspension set up (particularly if you’re anything like me and don’t have a clue what you’re doing :rolleyes

Yeah, had mine done by “B” as well and what a difference it makes

Been to see B today and the result is simply fantastic. My bike (2007 ZX6R) was simply too hard for the road, it didn’t cope well with pot holes, cats eyes or even just undulations in the road, especially if I was changing direction when I hit them. The result was that it felt nervous and very edgy, probably fine for an expert rider but too communicative for me.

An hour with B has transformed it ! :slight_smile: It’s still reasonably stiff and turns in very quickly but it now copes with poor road surfaces, it rides over bumps and such like without allowing it to upset the bike. Very smooth and gives a lot of confidence but not sloppy or in any way soft if that makes sense.

The best modification to the bike I’ve made, just need to learn to ride it now :slight_smile:

Thanks Brian, perfect ! :wink:

Cheers guys:) I must admit it was more fun than hard work sorting the2007 ZX6, well i did have to make sure it was ok…after a few test rides:)