Praise B BN Race Science

I rolled up all but a little late to the agreed time and sunk my head as I approached the garage. Brian was waiting there…tools in hand and his lip quivering readyto unleash the verbal kicking he planned the moment I bowled around the corner.

Only joking……………

As I turned the bike to the off position…I unstrapped my lid and removed it from my beetlejuice shaped noggin only to be greeted by the big warm smile B is very famous for…

‘’Loose your way?’’ was the first words out of his mouth…or something to that effect….either way I was still treated to a very warm welcome even though the shop was in fact closing up for the day.

I won’t go into complete detail but to scratch the surface he took all the measurements and asked me some very interesting questions…He really got me involved in the whole process from start to finish….explaining exactly what he was doing and why…it was a marvel watching Brian skip around my bike like a ferret looking for a peanut…and true poetry to watch him work.

All in all…Suspension is definitely a black art and is something only acquired by those who devote themselves entirely to the subject…Brian is an absolute legend and knows his way around blind folded……Years of experience shines through him and I fully recommend listening to what he’s got to say when he’s working on your bike.

My advice?..before you buy that new bike…Go see B….Got a brand new bike?..Go and see B

He’s at

unit D1 Swan Island, Strawberry Vale,Twickenham, TW1 4RX

didnt realise he was down the road from me. Got a K-Tech fork kit and nitro shock going on over winter so will be hounding him to set me up :cool:

already took 2 of my mates from uni down to let B did his magic on their RSV n CBR, both of them were extremely happy after, I was as well :slight_smile: Thanks to Brian. :wink:

It was a pleasure to catch up Shane! Thanks for the strong recommendation and funny story:)

You know where we are so if you (or anyone else) are passing by, let me know and I’ll stick the kettle on:)