Praise - Andrew Campbell - Withy King

Big thanks to Andrew for all his support and help with my speeding case, which ended in the best result - a dropped case and clean licence! :slight_smile:

Great communication and this guy definitely knows his stuff, you might recognise his column in MCN!

Anyways, he can deal with any biking related law issue you want, his details are:

Andrew Campbell
Associate & Head of Motorcycle Law Unit
Direct Dial: 01225 352923
Direct Fax: 01225 405115
[email protected]

Brilliant result E:D

Nice one:cool:

The Cokes are on you then;):smiley:

Good News E,

Did he cost more than a reasonable fine?

Sounds like a worthwhile result anyway

How did he do it? Was it those discrepancies on notices?

You still being a FWR, and not doing Sunday?

Hehe yeah cokes on me (although I prefer Lime and Sodas…see tee total and still picky about what i drink!!).The cost was eventually less than the fine that I had calcuated I would recieve, and definitely less than the increased insurance premiums and train fares I would have needed in the event of a ban. To be honest for a clean licence and no ban it was very cheap!The evidence would not have stood interrogation in court I believe.Sunday is only cancelled if its snowing :slight_smile:

Nice one E

No snow on Sunday - just Sleet Showers!

well done Elost,