Praise: AMS4KTM

Ordered some indicators and they promptly arrived. In the same day I then found some other indicators more suited to the job in the cupboard with the full wiring and decided I needed to send them back. Their rules say that you have 14 days to return items but I explained that I was house bound at the time because of surgery and on they understood and would make an exception to it, no fuss, no problem.

Sent them the indicators back and within two days they are processing refund. No quibbles, no issues, all done superbly and with great communication, emailing me to know they arrived and what they were doing.

I have ordered from them 3-4 times and everytime they have taken time to give me advice about the part I wanted even though it only costed £10. Fantastic service from the guys there as usual, will be back for more :slight_smile:

EVERYTIME I have ordered from them they have been fantastic.