Praise - AmazingBikes

Spent Friday sorting my little ickle CB Two Fifty out. Valve Stem seals and new C&S installed. Valve stem seals was a head off jobbie and Mark did his usual fabulous job. I was allowed to watch and help as it means I know what to do the next time around and I can sort it all out myself if need be (not for a long time I hope!). He is methodical and does things meticulously. Head cleaned in the parts cleaner along with the valves and then new stem seals fitted. Those little collets are a B&[email protected] to fit! Luke kept the tea coming and Nigel charged a fair price for the days labour. I provided all the parts which suits them as there is next to no profit on them since EBay sells some so cheap.

Bike now fires up without the huge cloud of some (the exhaust stem seals were both knackered) and I will no longer have to top it up with oil every week. New C&S is smoother and it feels way better than the hooked sprockets of old.

i love lukes ktm lol its proppa mint haha iv not had any work done there but when ever i need help or advise there wicked =]