Praise - Amazing Bikes

Thanks to Nige and Mark my bike is now back to being as sweet on the road as ever. A culmination of screw through rear tyre, being knocked over in a bay, head stock bearings knocking and coolant needing changing.

3 1/3 hours of work and a fantastic price. Great watching Mark at work, does everything carefully and no rush at all. Back on the road and smooth as ever.

If you are in SE London area get over to Darent Industrial Park, 19 Maypole Crescent. Well worth the ride to get there and excellent service each and every time I’ve been.

New engine room, full cleaning setup, 50 Ton press and really excellent. These gentlemen are serious about service.

Their website is almost fully sorted.

Also, they clocked up top wins in the races this past weekend at Brands, so congratulations to all of them!