Praise - Amazing Autos and Bikes in Erith.

I’ve been meaning to get new tyres for a couple of weeks. Rear BT014 was close to wear bars and front Dunlop 207 was not exactly a favourite.

Screw through my rear tyre Saturday morning meant I had to sort it out asap.

I took the rear tyre off and popped round to Amazing Auto’s and Bikes in Dareth industrial park. They also do bike second hand spares as well as MOT’s and Servicing, and have a Dyno!

I’ve coughed up £190 for BT020’s front and rear fitted as he had nothing else in stock at the time.

Nigel struck me a good deal with the tyres and fitted me in immediately. Also booked me in for Monday morning first thing as we spotted a front fork seal that has just started to leak.

Fast efficient service, courteous and cuppa tea as well. All in all a good experience. They have been good to me previously on other things and I’d recommend them. Nice thing is that I can watch the work happening etc…

I got a battery off these guys from eBay and went over to pick it up…

ended up spending about an hour there chatting etc, really nice bunch of lads.

which reminds me i was going to take the trackbike there and test his dyno

The Dyno is having latest batch of software installed. I had the fork seals and new oil done today. One fork had the internals the wrong way around, so took longer to separate. The mechanic, Mark, just took it easy and did the job very thoroughly. Top place and no problems recommending. Nigel is straighforward, no bull**** and sticks to an agreed price. Very nice to come to a place where you can see the work happening and give a hand if you want to.
You can call them on 01322 339009 or 01322 339889

[email protected]

19 Maypole Crescent
Darent Ind Park
Slade Green, Erith

Thats handy - not far from me! I remember when they used to just sell Ford parts The dyno facility will be handy

the ninja needs will need new tyres in the next month or so, I’ll give these guys a try.

Give them a call to check what tyres they have in and let them know that Gordon sent you. Nigel knows my VFR750!

Was down here this morning getting a couple of tyres fitted…

Had a good chat with Nigel and pointed him in the direction of the website so he couyld see his ‘praise’! said he would sign up and pop in & say ‘Hello’…

Got lots going on down there, the dyno up and running, workshop doing repairs, sparying booth, soon to be engine room & lots of other bits n pieces! worth popping in…

I was back at Amazing Autos today and Nigel was saying that he is developing a website. I think we will be seeing a bit of Nigel on LB soon enough.

Mark ended up extracting a broken exhaust stud for me and replacing all four with new ones for insurance. Also did two exhaust gaskets as well.

Really worth the while going there for the straight talk and excellent work.

Another bump for the men at Amazing Bikes. Things have progressed even further there now.

Two painting spray booths, more goods coming in, excellent prices too. Nigel is working on a “Specials Corner” in the main shop. Good quality bargains to be had there. They fitted the work in even though they had other jobs on the go with getting bikes prepped for MOT’s around the corner (lovely Fireblade 900) and fitting race tyres for a Daytona 675. Mark did his usual excellent work.

Had Maxxis fitted front and rear for £150 ride in/out service, oil change (Castrol GPS), filter and rear brake pads for £50 fitted. Was also able to use the parts cleaner in the engine room to get the rear sprocket carrier cleaned up nicely - regreased it as well.

I went for the touring version Maxxis as I am not a racer by any stretch of imagination. They are nice a grippy already and have a good feel on the road compared to the 020’s I had before. Sharper turn in at the front. Got my bike MOT’d around the corner as well and it passed with flying colours. Then took the baffle out of the newly fitted Scorpion exhaust!

Another thumbs up from me, had the bike (zx6) fully serviced there last week :slight_smile: