PRAISE - Alex @ Almax chains

Alex gave me the best ever customer service i have ever experienced over the phone on monday:D what a great guy, was on the phone chatting to him for half an hour lol ordered an Almax chain and this morning I have received the package. with a free Kriega tailpack. Great service, fast delivery, friendly staff. What more could you want? Keep it up Alex, you’ve got another satisfied customer, thank you :slight_smile:

Was this their premium rate sales line? :w00t: Certainly a free tailpack is one type of ‘happy ending’.


Yup he does like to talk :stuck_out_tongue:

I now have 2 Almax chains. 2 for at home, 1 for out and about. Nice shiny black finish nowadays too.

+1 for Almax

+2 the guy’s a legend, it seems nothing is too much effort for him. Just don’t call unless you have at least 10 mins to chat!

lol i think the phone call adds up to some ,he wont get off the thing !!!
great guy though:w00t:

top guy & yeh he does like to talk:hehe: